Aurea 90 chimney hindware | best price in kerala

37,990.00 24,790.00

Key Features

  • 1100 m³/hr* Airflow
  • Cassette Filter
  • Digital Display With Touch Control
  • Remote Control
  • Energy Efficient LED Lamps
  • Metallic Blower



High Air Flow

The chimneys come with powerful suction power. The high airflow feature makes our chimneys one of the best kitchen chimneys available in India.

Digital Display

Digital display monitors have all key components of the oven’s functioning and allows the user to control and adjust heater settings.

Cassette Filter

One of the essential components of a chimney are filters. When the hot air rises in the kitchen, it passes through the filters which collect oil and heavier particles.

Touch Control

The touch control allows us to discreetly and conveniently operate the induction cooktop without any hassles.

Metallic Blower

Metal blowers ensure high air-delivery and durability. The metal blowers are connected to a duct system.

Remote Control

Hindware Appliances have amped up their innovation and features. Here’s presenting Chimneys that are remotely controlled.

+ Key Features
  •  black finish with glass
Outlet pipe
Duct cover
Multi speed       Yes


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