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Key Features

  • Max. Suction 1500 m³/hr* Airflow
  • Dual motor
  • Filterless Technology
  • Energy efficient LED lamps
  • Motion Sensor
  • Dry Heat Auto Clean Technology



Maximum Suction

The chimneys come with powerful suction power. The maximum suction feature makes our chimneys one of the best kitchen chimneys available in India.

 Filterless Technology

There is no filter, only a screen to prevent contact with motor and blower assembly. Filterless technology gives optimum suction.

Energy Efficient LED lamps

The lamps illuminate a wider surface but consume less power, this makes them handy for viewing your counter tops easily.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor feature enables the chimneys to be switched on with just the wave of a hand.

Dual Motor

Now dual motor gives more ability and seamless working experience



Hassle Free Filter-Less + Dry Heat Auto Clean Technology

Touch Control Panel with 3 speed Gesture motion control

Energy Saving LED Light

Glass and Titanium finish

Front Black Glass panel with Digital Display

SS Oil Collector

Metal Blower + Metal Housing

Copper Winding Motor

Noise Level : 58 dBA(max)

Max Airflow : 1500 m3/h

Air Outlet : 160 mm

Size: 60/75/90cm


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